Adobe Flash Player Zero Day Exploit

Yesterday, Adobe confirmed information about an Adobe Flash Player zero day exploit. Adobe says the exploit can be used to crash a computer remotely or take complete control over it. Read Adobe’s press release here.

According to Trend Micro, who originally reported the exploit, attacks using this exploit have so far been very targeted and not wide spread in nature. Trend Micro commented:

“Trend Micro researchers have discovered that the attackers behind Pawn Storm are using a new Adobe Flash zero-day exploit in their latest campaign,” Trend Micro wrote. “Pawn Storm is a long-running cyber-espionage campaign known for its high-profile targets and usage of the first Java zero-day we’ve seen in the last couple of years.”

More from Trend Micro’s blog is below:

In this most recent campaign, Pawn Storm targeted several foreign affairs ministries from around the globe. The targets received spear phishing e-mails that contained links leading to the exploit. The emails and URLs were crafted to appear like they lead to information about current events, with the email subjects containing the following topics:

“Suicide car bomb targets NATO troop convoy Kabul”

“Syrian troops make gains as Putin defends air strikes”

“Israel launches airstrikes on targets in Gaza”

“Russia warns of response to reported US nuke buildup in Turkey, Europe”

“US military reports 75 US-trained rebels return Syria”

It’s worth noting that the URLs hosting the new Flash zero-day exploit are similar to the URLs seen in attacks that targeted North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) members and the White House in April this year.

Adobe had originally promised to update the Flash Player plugin next week but have since rushed out an update to address this exploit. The new update is available from this link.

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